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A movement to help Christians to live an evangelistic lifestyle

GO movement is a worldwide initiative of thousands of churches and millions of believers that are actively involved in reaching their cities and nations with the Gospel. From individual believers to entire church denominations GO movement has seen the activation and equipping of millions of Christians.

In the last five years more than 6.4 million people made a decision to receive Jesus Christ and in over 140 nation Christians shared the Gospel.


Mobilizing the Body of Christ

Statistics say 93% of Christians worldwide do not regularely share the Gospel. The GO Movement can become a great tool for you and your church to change that.

Global Outreach Day

The Vision

The vision of Global Outreach Day is for every believer to share the Gospel on the last Saturday of May each year. Millions of Christians in over 140 nations are already sharing the Gospel on that day. Every believer is a witness! The goal is for every Christian on this day to reach at least one person with the Gospel message. We will show you practical steps toward becoming an effective witness for Jesus. This day can The first step to live a lifestyle of Evangelism.

Save the date: May 25th 2019

Global Outreach Day Webpage

G.O.D. – an evangelistic igniter for your church

Tens of thousands of churches worldwide have been involved. Many pastors testify how their congregations received a new passion for the lost and large numbers of believers were sharing the Gospel for the first time.

Leaders all over the world have seen the positive effect that G.O.D. had on their congregation and many are witnessing of new visitors, new believers, significant church growth and in some places of large numbers of baptisms of new believers.

“The church before G.O.D. – and after G.O.D.”

In Nepal, where more than 6000 churches were involved, Global Outreach Day had such a tremendous impact on the national Body of Christ that pastors speak of “the church in Nepal before G.O.D. and after the G.O.D.”

This is what Pastors say

Global Outreach Day had a massive impact on all the churches in Dominican Republic… Thousands of churches have been involved and tens of thousands precious people made a decision for Christ through the outreaches.

Pst Daniel Oscar, Dom. Rep.

From Global Outreach Day to a lifestyle of evangelism:


One is a movement to help Christians, Pastors and churches to develop practically a lifestyle of evangelism.

If one Christian shares the Gospel with one person every week, he is reaching 52 people every year. If one million do the same, we reach 52 million per year and if even 10 million Christian will do it, we would reach half a billion people together in just one year!

The One movement will help churches and individual believers to establish a habit of ongoing activities to reach the lost in your everyday life.

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